Five minutes with… Helen Delahunty

Helen Delahunty 

What is your job title (and what does it mean)? 

Archdiocesan Financial Administrator. I administer the Temporal Goods of the Archdiocese. What are Temporal Goods? All Church Property.

How long have you worked for the Archdiocese? 

7 Years (and 4 months)

What are the differences between doing your job here than with a non-religious organisation? 

I worked as a Finance Manager with various organisations prior to coming to the Archdiocese, and the roles were similar. The stark difference in the Church is the role of the Parish and Parish Priest, plus the Trustees in making decisions about property. All these groups need to be involved in the decision making. There is also a faith element in everything I do – from staff management to property development. We need to have that faith element at the forefront of our minds. That certainly doesn’t happen in the secular world.

What sustains your faith in an increasingly secular society? 

I feel truly grounded in my faith, and nothing will shift that. Working in the Church tests me emotionally at times, but that doesn’t change me.

Which is your favourite Saint? 

St Christopher

Who is the biggest pest you work with (we won’t tell)? 

The off site alarm people – they ring at all times of the day and night!

Last concert you went to and next one you’d like to go to? 

Bruce Springsteen in the Hunter Valley was fantastic fun. I would like to see another concert when I can fit it in.

What is your favourite sporting team and/or sport (and why)? 

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Now I am on comfortable ground! I love Collingwood and have done so for all of my life. I am also a Foundation Member of GWS Giants, and like my kids – I can’t pick my favorite!

What is your favourite food or beverage? 

Gin and tonic

What is your Favourite place to eat? 

Anyplace where I don’t need to cook.

What is your favourite movie? 

Sound of Music (watched it 27 times and counting!)

Who is your favourite actor/actress? 

Denzel Washington

What is your favourite book and last book read? 

I don’t seem to get to read too much – I am in a Book Club and rarely get to discuss the books as I don’t finish them.

What is your favourite place for a holiday?

Anywhere with my 4 boys – skiing especially – though I struggle to keep up with them.

What is your favourite quote, phrase or motto?

Carpe Diem

What is the best advice you have ever been given? 

Listen to your heart




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