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  • Michelle Atkinson 3 years

    It was wonderful to read that Father Francis is the subject of a book. My first memory of Father Francis was in the mid 1960s when I was in first grade at St Joseph’s Primary School in Leeton. Father Francis accompanied Bishop Henschke on a pastoral visit and he left a strong impression with me as a tall kindly gentle young man in black. He subsequently was appointed Bishop. I had the privilege of being confirmed by Father Francis at St Patricks in ALbury in 1970 – I was first in line and not sure about how hard my cheek would be tapped! – and my daughter was confirmed by him in St John Vianneys in Waramanga in the late 1990s. He has featured during other parts of my life and I recall visiting him at ArchBishop’s House in Canberra. What a wonderful man of God and what a strong symbol of my childhood.

  • deesa 3 years

    My first recognition of Father Frank was sitting on a public bus. The driver was swinging around the turns near the ANU, and then suddenly slowed down to a stop. Opening his window he sung out asking “Father Frank” if he “wanted a lift”. A smile and thankyou I was left wondering who this priest was.