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  • Christine Riley 11 months

    I know boththeBeath men in fact Greg w as in my class at Brigidine Convent. Cowra

  • Barbara King 11 months

    I taught in the 2 teacher catholic school in Goologong in 1975 It was called St Thomas . the little town has a special place in my heart .

  • Christine Riley 9 months

    I still keep in touch with the Beath Fathers through my cousin who is aBrigidine Sister.

    • George Burke 8 months

      I knew Ted Riley, if my memory serves me correctly. He had the butcher shop in Gooloogong before George Simmons, father of Royce Simmons. Any connection?

  • George Burke 8 months

    Fr Thomas Moore had a 1 year younger brother, George, who was a gunning instructor in the RAAF during WWII. He was killed on 22 June 1942 when the plane he was in failed to pull out of a dive while training over Lake Victoria.
    Both Fr Thomas & George spent quite a bit of time in the home of my grandparents, James & Mary (Mollie) Robertson & their 3 daughters, Doreen (Stuckey), Patricia (my mum) & Mary (Myers who lived most of her adult life in Gooloogong) in Glebe in Sydney during the early war years.
    Fr Moore married my parents on 20 Oct 1949 • St James Church, Forest Lodge, Sydney.
    I was christened George Thomas after the 2 brothers in the old St Malachy’s church Gooloogong (possibly the last) by Fr Moore  but his mum wouldn’t talk to my mum for some time afterwards as she thought no-one could be good enough to be called after her sons. Fr Moore told mum not to worry about it, that his mum would get over it. My brother & sister were both christened in the new St Malachy’s church 1 & 2 years after me by Fr Moore. I also received my first communion from Fr Moore in the new St Malachy’s church.
    My father, 1 of his brothers, Michael, & another chap whose name escapes me were Lachlan Valley Builders & were asked to build the new St Malachy’s church but it was too big a job for them so a Sydney company got the job under the leadership of Noel Reid, a longtime resident of St Gregory’s parish Queanbeyan & they worked on the building. They also built 3 housing commission houses in Main Street (Lachlan Valley Way) Gooloogong & we later moved into the middle one with Poppy & Mrs Moore on one side, their home mentioned in this article.
    I remember the day Fr Moore died as I was in class in 2nd form at St Edmund’s College Canberra when my brother & I were taken out of class to be told of his death. Our family attended his funeral in St Malachy’s church which was overflowing with more priests, bishops & religious than I had ever seen as well as parishioners, former parishioners, friends & associates from many walks of life.
    I remember Poppy & Fr Moore very well, 2 great men. Poppy was always very friendly & ready for a chat with us as young kids. Fr Moore was there for everyone & up for any challenge from organising the fundraising for the building of Inverallochy college near Goulburn to changing into some old clothes to clear a blockage in the sewerage.
    My family were also parishioners of St Anthony’s Harden about 1957-58 during Monsignor Austin O’Connor’s time.
    I know all the Beath family & their cousins who moved to Curtain, ACT, having gone to school with some of them in Gooloogong.

    • Seán Burke 6 months

      Thanks George, wonderful memories of our childhood.

    • Catherine Stavropoulos 4 months

      Hi George. So many memories..we are the current owners of the original stone st malachys church. Was wondering if you have any photos of the interior of the old church before everything was moved to the new church. We would really appreciate any further information and memories about the church…hope to hear from u soon. Cheers Catherine