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  • Ann Daniel, Professor Emeritus 4 years

    The ancient ritual of the scapegoat was played out in the person of Cardinal Pell. It matters not that the scapegoat is innocent (as was undoubtedly the case in this matter). To serve to carry away the scandal/the evils that afflict a community, the scapegoat must be in some manner associated with the scandal. We know that it was Christ, whose humanity makes him one with us,’who carried away the sins of the world’ by his death on the Cross. His crucifixion carried away our sins. Let us pray that the evils of these hideous crimes can now cease in the Catholic Church where Cardinal Pell remains as a significant leader and symbol.

  • Doug G 4 years

    You said that people think that the Catholic Church has a lot of money to defend the Cardinal. That is not true. The Church did not put up one cent for his defence. He had to do it all by himself and the donations from supporters.

  • Anne McDonald 4 years

    I find it disgraceful that there were no complaints given to Police but they wanted to make him the scape goat. For the Police to tout for “business” m/people to come forward and also apparently finance this whole scam is horrendous. The Police charged George Pell on 26 counts includung the above and for them all to be either thrown out and therefore not found guilty on any of them shows a definte need to get him by the Police. It is scary to think our legal system is innocent until proven guilty, but the Police and ABC crucified him. I would hate to be a Victorian.

  • Sandy Patton 4 years

    Shoddy is an understatement.
    I had a Victorian Detective swear on Oath he found relevant documentation during a search.
    However it wasn’t backed up in evidence, he also mislead the magistrate all lies.
    12 months, then no trial, they all lied.
    So this just brings it home. They are ruthless when they target you