Frank Brennan: VAD legislation goes too far (Audio)


Queensland is the fifth Australian state to legalise euthanasia, with a clear majority of members of Parliament voting 61-30 yesterday to pass the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill.

Laws to allow Queenslanders to access voluntary assisted dying will take effect in January 2023 after an historic vote in State Parliament.

Brisbane’s ABC Drive host, Steve Austin interviewed Fr Frank Brennan. who argues that there are at least three ways the Queensland legislation goes too far.

  • Father Frank Brennan is rector of Newman College at the University of Melbourne. A native Queenslander, he studied law in Queensland and was admitted to practice there. His grandfather was a member of the Queensland parliament.





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  • Ann Clementine 2 years

    And I heard on recent radio news that doctors said children are protected by their own immune system and less likely to get Covid that fully vaccinated adults. People seem to have forgotten that God designed us with a built in defence system.