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  • Babs 4 years

    I admired Father Joshua when he was at my parish before his Ordination.
    A good and caring man always willing to stay around and talk to us all, young and old.
    I hope that 2020 will be a year of more ups than downs for him.
    Blessed Christmas to Fr.Joshua. I knew would be a great Priest.

  • Bernie Benedictos 4 years

    Well said…! Ad Majoriem Dei Gloriam

  • Robert Gresham 4 years

    I met Father Josh when I was a volunteer with the Pastoral Care section at Calvery Hospital when giving communion to sick patients. He became the Hospital chaplain and after Mass he joins a group of us to have coffee and a chat. From talking to him it is oblivious that he does have a great love of the lord, he is a wealth of information and knowledge.He is a great person in his service, and I hope that other new Priests will become like him as he is a great example to the priesthood and we really like and care for him. When the time comes for him to move on when his hospital chaplaincy ends we will wish him well in his priestly journey spreading the word of Christ. But we will miss him greatly.
    A great Priest but his only fault is that he supports the Roosters