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  • Cathy Cleary 4 years

    So sorry to hear about the Rummery’s loss. Paul was a wonderful asset to the parishes of Batemans Bay and Moruya when we lived atSurfside and our thoughts and prayers are witg them both.
    Pat and Cathy Cleary

  • Conor 4 years

    Lovely to see that mutual support. (Minor point to DV editor: I think there is no need for apostrophe in ‘The Archdiocesan Deacon’s……’

  • Ross Power 4 years

    To Paul and Jo, You have been in our thoughts and prayers since Christmas. I have told Margaret McNamara in Sydney who sees your brother Dick regularly. You may remember me as Jessie Lawler’s daughter where your brothers Austin and Tom lived in the late 60’s

    Warm regards
    Genevieve and Ross Power

  • Paul Rummery 4 years

    We are overwhelmed by the love and support given to us by so many, so many people familiar to us and so many who are not. You are all in our daily prayer and we pray for those of you who struggle in any way.  We especially pray also for those who have lost there homes in bushfires. To all, we send you our unconditional love. Jo and Paul