God is Good

Today’s reading from James reminds us of a fundamental truth of our faith; God is good.

When I was teaching, sometimes I would ask my students to think about where they saw God in their day-to-day lives. They often found this exercise difficult because they expected God to announce his presence with angels and trumpets, spiritual experiences, etc. Alternatively, they had difficulty with it because they thought that they were not ‘’spiritual’ enough to see where God was. 

So I would ask them a different question: where do you see goodness, truth, and beauty? They found this much easier and could identify goodness in their friends, beauty in their surroundings, and so on. We even went around the school looking for goodness, truth, and beauty in the canteen, the library, etc. We never ran out of goodness to discover.

At the end of this exercise, we would read today’s reading “..it is all that is good, everything that is perfect, which is given us from above; it comes down from the Father of all light” and then reflect on how we found God everywhere!

Where will you see goodness, truth, and beauty in your life today? Keep your eyes open to see God.

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