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  • Luis 4 years

    An oldie but a goodie from my tombstone: ‘You are worth more than many sparrows’.

  • Barbara Samuel-Pope 4 years

    How lovely it is that God wants us to laugh. A gift. People I met at church taught me laugh.Living in war torn near London.Not much to laugh at.Wedded to a man who thougjt if the kids were laughing they being naughty. But now I can laugh with others happily though still no laughter at home.Thank Ggod for the gift

  • Nan Levett 4 years

    I so enjoyed reading this article – thank you – it also reminded me of my Parish Priest years ago who always ended Mass blessing the Canberra Raiders, his favoured footy team, and “bagging” the opposition – had as all in stitches LOL

  • Kevin Totterdell 4 years

    A friend remarked once to W.C. Fields. “Say, Fields, I’ve noticed you always carry that hip-flask of brandy around with you.” Yeah,” drawled Fields in reply: “always carry my hip- flask of brandy—- in case I get bitten by a snake. Which I also carry”

    • That’s the spirit Kevin. Great Joke. And since we’re telling jokes….. I had a friend who had a restaurant on the moon, but he had to close it down. The food was… literally…out of this world, and the food was to die for… but it just had no atmosphere.