Have you found the one for you?

Some movies suggest that our happiness depends on finding “the one,” your soul mate, your destiny, your completion. This is a recipe for dissatisfaction in whatever relationship we are in, or not in. No one person is ever going to make our lives perfect. But maybe this very common desire arises out of a greater truth. There is one person who we are all longing for, who will complete all that is lacking in our lives, who can heal the loneliness in our hearts and who is able to deliver happiness that will last.

We can refocus any tired or disillusioned parts of ourselves back onto the One who can deliver. Whatever we have invested our hopes in, if it is not Him, it will be a disappointment in the end.  Now is the time to realign our deepest hopes.

Lord Jesus, help us to get clear about where our hope resides: in you alone!

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