Heart to Heart – Session 2




Questions for Session 2

  1. Have you developed a pattern or practical routine to help you pray?
  2. Do you use anything practical to lead you to pray?
  3. What distracts you/helps you to pray?


Finding God consists in endlessly seeking God

Please find below a list of the resources Archbishop Christopher referred to in Session two of the Heart to Heart eSeminar

Many of these items can be purchased through the Canberra Catholic Bookshop. Please contact (02) 6239 9800 or go to https://www.catholicbookshop.org.au/

The Liturgy of the Hours – Set of 4 Volumes

Holy Bible: New International Version

The Psalms: Songs of Faith and Praise

YOUCAT- Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church

Catechism of the Catholic Church

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  • Lucy 3 years

    I’m so sorry that I have been unable to access Session #2 despite me trying for a quite a while.  Is there a media problem?

    Thank you,


  • Tessa 3 years

    I always have a lighted candle during my prayers,this helps me to focus

  • Gabrielle Messina 3 years

    Thank you for arranging the Heart to Heart sessions.

  • Wendy 3 years

    I use the Gospels, one section at a time, and music to deepen my faith and prayer life MOST days. Sometimes I miss a day but I try to pray this way every day – usually in the morning. After reading a section of the Gospels, I write my thoughts in a journal and then use a song (often from Hillsong) to further reflect on the reading.

  • Anastasia 3 years

    My daughter has left home. Her walk in robe has now become my Prayer Room.

  • Daryl John Burnet 3 years

    Thank you for this seminar. I see it more as a treat or retreat. It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. With that in mind i am a little concerned that the good work of the Archbishop is missing the mark with some people. The seminar is a time for going inward, deep calling on DEEP. It is not a time for being on the computer making comments. LISTEN, you have all week to comment. The Art of listening is more important than many other forms of communication. Feedback is good. Many people in my Parish have all week to talk to each other. Why must they talk and chatter during the Holy Sacrifice? This virus lockdown presents us with a unique opportunity to be still and know the God who lives within us. I am looking forward to the rest of the seminars. Thank you again and bless all concerned who help to bring live Masses etc into our homes.

  • Nellie Versluys 3 years

    I find that the centring prayer twice daily usually the reading of the the day af the Mass.
    I find that the when distractions come, the word focus helps

  • Daryl John Burnet 3 years

    The Mather and Mary story is so POWERFUL. The Lord draws all things together. The Old and New Testament. Contemplatives and actives. Consecrated lives and active lives. We are called to both, prayer and action. Hand in a glove.

    Most Saints were people of prayer and action. Jesus of course did both. St Paul might have said “love is prayer in action”. Dont just pray for the starving, give them food and shelter. The loaves and fish story was meant for all generations.
    If people were more compassionate, Jesus and Mary and St Joseph might have found a room at the Inn.

    In 2020 we have the opportunity to make the stranger and Jesus welcome. Or like Pilate, turn our backs and say it is all too hard.

    As Mother Therese said, “we are not called to be perfect, just faithful”

    Harden not your hearts.

  • Florence D’Costa 3 years

    Psalm 19 – to see the beauty of God within.  We have to make some quality time for prayer.  The more busy we are, the more we need to pray.  At least pray as you can.   Find a place to pray.  Prayer is the surge of the heart.. CCC or Youcat for the youth.  Scripture and the Catechism is important. Repetitive prayer like the rosary is good.  The Crucifix. Ps 92.   Icon, music and incense.  These are the points I took down. These are good points.  

    I just meditate on God and his love and I leave the rest to him.  I use scripture and however the Lord leads me.

  • Di 3 years

    I like to pray early in the morning. I read and focus on the readings of the day and ask for strength to get the best I can out of each day