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  • Matt Casey 5 years

    Terrific article about a truly blessed Padre

  • Fr Mick Mac Andrew 5 years

    One thing I remember Bishop Morgan telling me of his time in war torn Papua New Guinea was when he became the operating table for a soldier needing immediate surgery out in the field. There were no tables so Fr Morgan got down on his hands and knees and a blanket was strung between two saplings and the doctor rested the injured soldier on Fr Morgan’s back for the three hour operation.The soldier recovered from the surgery – and so did Fr Morgan.

  • DAVID SEALEY 1971 CLASS 5 years


  • Amanda Jocumsen 5 years

    Thank you, this article touched my heart.

    • Helen Banks 5 years

      Bishop Morgan, Alo as he was often called, 
      was very special to my family. He married my parents in 1939 at St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne. Then on 29 April, 1989, he celebrated Mass and a renewal of their wedding vows again at St Patrick’s for their 50 Wedding Anniversary. 
      He also helped celebrate my youngest son’s First Communion. He was then retired and at St Christopher’s which was my parish church. At that time, my father had just passed away and he provided great comfort to my mother.
       I loved reading this tribute to him; thank you.

  • Peter Gain 5 years

    Anthony Doyle’s article on Bishop Alo Morgan reflects my memories of him. Those memories are very fond as are my memories of his brother Father “Toddy” Morgan SJ

  • Cathy Cleary 5 years

    I remember when my father died very suddenly on Christmas morning 1974; that night there was a knock on the door at my parent’s house in Ainslie and it was Bishop Morgan who had heard of my father’s death and had come to offer consolation. It was of great comfort to all of us but especially my mother who had met Bishop Morgan when she served with the AANS IN World War 2. Cathy Cleary (nee O’Hanlon)

  • Jeff Bradley 5 years

     Born in Nidrie, a kick from Windy Hill.  A strong devotion to the Sacred Heart and his beloved Bombers.  Best part about being a bishop; wearing Essendon colours.  

    Spoke to him many times later in his life.  Couldn’t recall much but still knew the ins and outs of the Essendon team.

    Showed the bishop’s ring.  Not great in Australia, but opened doors in Rome.

  • Ken Hutchings 5 years

    Ken Hutchings

    An excellent article on a wonderful priest. I first met Fr Alo Morgan as a Curate at St James Parish in North Richmond in the 1940’s when I was boarding in Kent Street. I later met him on a number of occasions through my work with the Army Department including 6 years in Papua New Guinea and caught up with him again in my 16 years working in the Canberra Goulburn Diocese for Archbishop Francis Carroll.