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  • Robert L Wilson 3 years

    I am appalled that this government thinks this is an issue for them to legislate on. Parents, teachers, grandparents all contribute towards the raising of children allowing them to make choices, while making them understand that those choices, sometimes, have serious consequences. The rights of parents to raise their children in this way must be preserved. Parents cannot be threatened with breaking a law that has no place in our Society.

  • Jan Baker 3 years

    What loving parent would not suffer any penalty the ACT Government could bring to bear in order to advise their beloved children? In itself, the thought of sending their mother and/or father to gaol would be a deterrent to most children. No civil law would ever cause me to relinquish care of my grandchildren to the state any more than it would have in the past for my children and even my former students.
    The ACT Government is taking on one of the strongest forces in society, namely parents’ protection over their children. It’s a force not easily overcome.

  • Daryl John Burnet 3 years

    This is one of many issues which need to be stomped on. Does our faith not tell us the obvious. Mary stomps on satan. We live in a non christian society, country and world. Sure, send in petitions, demonstrate and bash your gums together.
    If you want REAL solutions, listen to Mary. Bring back family and Parish Rosaries. Eucharistic Processions and Adoration. Bring back silence and the REAL Presence of Christ in our Churches and the Tabernacle.
    God was not in the earthquake, the storm, He was in the gentle breeze.

    Riots in America and elsewhere sow seeds of destruction. Rosary prayers and processions reap good results as History shows. If Bishop Morgan was still physically with us I am sure he would agree. St Maximilian Kolbe used the media but it was his love of Immaculate Mary that produced fruit.

    I witnessed an extraordinary thing one evening straight after evening Mass at the Manuka Cathedral. The Charismatic Priest wanted us all to go across the road and sort of demonstrate our disapproval of worldly people sitting around the cafes.
    I thought the Priests request was odd and even detrimental. I prayed to Our Lady and She and her Son intervened. A wind came through Manuka, knocking over outdoor tables and umbrellas. So in effect, the streets were empty, Mary intervened and a lack of charity towards others was avoided. The demonstration was unnecessary. COOL. FIAT VOLUNTAS TUA.

    IN SUMMARY…..The Rosary is The WEAPON, Moses held his arms up for victory, Mary holds up the Rosary Beads. So simple that even CHILDREN can do it. Have we outsmarted ourselves, YES!

    I live alone and the Rosary can be boring. So i pray it with the help of youtube Rosaries. All of a sudden i realise i am not alone and know that Jesus is pleased that i could spend at least one hour out of my day with Him, His Mother, Angels and Saints. Not to mention helping the Souls in Purgatory and binding up the evil one.

    We live by Faith, not feelings and passing emotions. Look at the big picture, past, present and future.

    God bless you all.

  • Gerald Scerri 3 years

    As Saint John Paul II struggled to defend Human dignity throughout his life, toppling evil in many ways while doing so, the same struggle is called for and the same Spirit of Truth (That will set us free) is warrented for. It is the same evil that we are faced with again and again, in every generation!But Faith, Hope and Love will always prevail. Courage!

  • Dennis Ryan 3 years

    As I understand it, unlike every other state/territory, there is no prohibition on children getting a tattoo, providing they have the written consent of one parent. Perhaps the ACT Govt could address the issue of rogue parents inflicting these disfigurements upon minors rather than legislating that no one can acquire a tattoo until they reach adulthood. I do not want my children disfigured before they are old enough to vote. Another reason that I will switch my vote this year.