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  • Geoff Smith 4 years

    God Bless everyone of them, the Lord is with them.

  • Barbara Samuel-Pope 4 years

    These new Catholics will a breath of fresh air and bring back joy and trust back into the Church. God Bless them while they journey on.

  • Rosemary 4 years

    The Holy Spirit is very much alive and active.Praise God.This is truly an inspiration that so many people are to become Catholics, I can’t find the words of the goodness of the “now God”. May God Bless you on your spiritual journey.

  • Ron Gane 4 years

    I now make sure I pick up & read Catholic Voice each new addition…My heart is gladdened by lots of Good News stories such as this one Jesus said “The gates of Hell shall not prevail against her” Long live the barque of Peter & all who sail in her.
    Ron Gane Kambah

  • Conor 4 years

    Could I ask what has happened to the recent reply that politely contrasted Arcb.Comensolli’s speech with this article, and which now appears to have been taken down? We need to hear the different perspectives of all of our bishops.

  • conor 4 years

    Dear Editor, Are readers comments acknowledged by Daily Voice when received ?

    • Hi. When comments are submitted they are automatically received by the Catholic Voice. If a comment is approved, the system doesn’t notify the comment writer.

  • Rod Page 4 years

    Having read this article “Increased numbers choose to join Catholic Church” a few weeks ago, I commented that this was a fine and encouraging piece, but I expressed doubt about the validity of the article’s final sentence ‘The church is alive and well’.
    That final sentence was and is at odds with the serious crisis in which the Australian Catholic Church finds itself.
    That sentence was and is seriously at odds with comments that same week from Melbourne Archbishop Comensoli who had said: ”….the Church in Melbourne is experiencing its ‘darkest days’ and is standing on ‘broken ground’ in the wake of the sex abuse scandal … this time of deep crisis and humiliation”.
    The article’s final sentence was and is at odds with similar comments last week from Perth Archbishop Timothy Costelloe.
    My comments expressing an opinion that the Church is not ‘alive and well’ now appear to have been censored; at least they have been obliterated from this website.
    Pope Francis has been consistently encouraging the laity to speak up, yet look what can happen when one does express an opinion – whooooosh!