Lay Catholics Today – What is Needed? The Catenians Seek Your Help

Christian life has many facets. For lay people, a key aspect is contributing to the Church’s mission to build a better world for all – a just, peaceful, and sustainable world.

This might sound daunting.

It can mean working with others to change lives for the better. It can also mean, inspired by our faith, simply living our normal day to day lives in ways that make a difference – in our families, workplaces, parishes, and broader community.

The Catenians, an international association of lay Catholics, help each other to do both.

“Catenians come together regularly, formally and socially, to form close faith-based friendships,” Canberra President Phil Murray said.

“Through these friendships, we support each other and our families, both practically and in living out our faith in life.”

Canberra Catenian President Phil Murray

Last year, Canberra Catenians celebrated their silver jubilee.

“During these 25 years, our current methods have served our members well,” Phil said.

“But times have changed, and we’d like to know how we could improve our services to lay Catholics in response to today’s circumstances, including the demands of contemporary work and family life.’

So, what do lay Catholics need today to help them contribute in a positive way, from the perspective of our faith, to the world around us?

To find out, the Canberra Catenians are sponsoring an Archdiocesan-wide online survey.

“You can help us by completing this short, anonymous survey. This would be very much appreciated and will help us improve the services we offer in our Archdiocese,” Phil said.

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“We are casting the net widely. We would like to hear from women and men of all ages and backgrounds and from all parts of our Archdiocese.”

The survey uses a simple tick-box approach and should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. It can be accessed using the internet link or QR code below.

 For further information contact Phil Murray, President, Canberra Catenians on 0419 695 927 or