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  • Barbara Samuel-Pope 2 years

    Wonderful to hear what Leah is doing.
    It is sad that women today are being taught that having a child will spoil their lives. Abortion has never been the answer and as midwife with 5 children of my own I have seen some sad outcomes from patients counselled to have an abortion. Especially when later in their lives look on with wonder at their planned baby. How often they have told me of regret at their earlier choice.
    Motherhood is a wonderful time in one’s life.

  • Joseph Quigley 2 years

    What is the world of rational discussion coming to when an unscripted remark by a 16 years old US high school female graduate in her Farewell to High School speech goes viral? What sort of education has this young girl had up to this point about sexuality? What was she taught about the maturation process by which boys and girls learn to cope and react in an emotionally appropriate way with one another. The sex instinct has been described as an imperious urge. It cannot be given free rein. And yet this young girl appears to live in fear (terrified?) that her contraceptive might fail. The shame of this situation is that abortion has been turned into a partisan political issue, with Republicans advocating criminalising abortion and the Democrats thinking this will only drive the abortion industry underground – a bit like Prohibition of Alcohol did to the liquor trade in the 1920s.

  • Luis 2 years

    And to the credit of the Canberra community, Karinya House for Mothers and Babies is a very worthwhile ‘charity’ for those who would otherwise lack support..

    • Joe Q 2 years

      Exactly Luis! I can sympathise with a girl who finds herself, for whatever reason, with an unwanted pregnancy. Why is abortion nearly always the suggested first option? I can guess. For much the same reason that palliative care is not promoted widely in our society. Belief in the sanctity of human life is a minority creed.