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  • Jan Baker 2 years

    As a teacher I taught my students that Christ is present in the Mass in four ways. In the Word proclaimed, the Echarist, taken, blessed, broken and given, the priest and THE PEOPLE GATHERED. I went to great lengths to have them understand that they were the living stones that made up the Church. It has been unavoidable in the present times that we have been forced to view Mass online. However, it is no substitute for the real thing. Jesus did not say He would be a virtual presence. He is the Real Presence. We should not be a virtual presence either.

  • Lucy Vera 2 years

    Mass on line is not the same but gives me a feeling that I am in front of our Lord, feels better that if we have nothing. is now 2 months without Churchs and this is helping me to concentrate for the duration of the Mass in our Lord and our faith.

  • Patricia Hagan 2 years

    I understand one Canberra parish has started weekday Mass for 10 people. Parishioners can make a booking for a particular day.  Could the archbishop not suggest other parishes do likewise?

  • Fay Padarin 2 years

    I support Patricia Hagan’s suggestion.

  • B K 2 years

    The above idea would allow quite a number of parishioners to attend Mass over the course of a period of time say a fortnight .Allowing for those not able to attend for health reasons many parishioners could get to Mass ..I read about this idea from an area in America.