Looking after the people who look after us


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It takes a special sort of person to jump in front of flames and fight a fire, to drive out to treat injured people on location, to rescue people from flooded rivers or to face off against guys with guns.

And it also takes a special sort of person to counsel those people.

The position of ACT Emergency Service Agency (ESA) Chaplain is now vacant and Acting Manager of Welfare Programs for ACT Emergency Services Agency, Mark Molloy, is calling on applicants to come forward.

“Supporting our first responders is a crucial job and we believe in doing all we can to assist them,” Mr Molly said.

“We are actively seeking ESA Chaplains, of all recognised faiths, able to cope with the spiritual, psychological and social needs of this specialised ministry in emergency services.”

The ACT ESA is responsible for emergency management and related support arrangements in the Territory. The Agency’s four operational services are the ACT Ambulance Service, ACT Fire Brigade, ACT Rural Fire Service, and ACT State Emergency Service.

The closing date for this position is 21 October 2018.

For further information and selection criteria, please contact Mark Molloy at markd.molloy@act.gov.au.



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