Mere Mortals

Today’s feast of ‘Saint Peter’s Chair’ has been celebrated by the faithful since at least the fourth century. It signifies the unity of the Church founded on the Apostles.  

How amazing is our God that he entrusts the unfolding of his plans and the building of his kingdom to specific, flawed, historical personalities who become, in him, living stones in the beautiful house he is building for all humanity (1 Peter 2:5).

What is the mission God is speaking over your life and how are you responding to it?

In recognising, as Peter did, the unique and irreplaceable role of Jesus Christ in God’s plans for humanity and for the whole created order, we accept that we too have a role to play and duties to discharge which are irreplaceable. But we need not fear because, as today’s psalm reminds us, the good shepherd is always with us to lead, guide and comfort us. In proclaiming Christ as Lord we accept too that, in God’s plan, others have a legitimate role to play which we must honour for the good of all.  

Lord Jesus, help us today to marvel at the way you entrust the unfolding of your plans to mere mortals. Give us the courage to accept the role you bestow on us and the humility and trust to honour the role you bestow on others.


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