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  • Bev Cains 6 months

    There is a huge push by governments to get women into the workforce. Unfortunately in recent times this has led to devaluing “Motherhood”. Mothers are the best people to care for their young children. There are occasions where the mother returns to work after a baby is weaned and the father may step in to be the parent at home. This is not common but can work. In general the family where Mum stays at home with her children until the kids are older will be rewarded with many blessings – both Spiritual and temporal.

  • Ron gane 6 months

    Amen sister Bev…..I read somewhere that fathers attending regular worship have a great influence on their childen’s worship practices.

  • Ian L Robinson 5 months

    I agree with Fr Percy (long time no see!). Although I have lived a “checkered” career the basics were provided by family so many years ago. Unfortunately the Priesthood was never mentioned by family nor school. If it had I would have much more to look back onto the 1950’s when I was and Alter Server. May God bless all Priests and Religious and abound the Church with many, many holy, holy volunteers.