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  • Eileen Glass 2 years

    In 1978 when the L’Arche Community (now in Canberra) began in the old convent in Bungendore, a communion wafer iron was discovered in the convent. I remember the younger Bromhead children being intrigued with it as their father, Dr Dick Bromhead, explained the process of making communion wafers. One of the young children a few weeks later asked to receive communion at Mass and when his father told him he couldn’t, he asked, ‘Is that because it’s too hot?’! 
    I expect the iron was given to the church at the time the L’Arche community relocated to Canberra at the end of 1980. 

  • Michele Murdock 2 years

    Thank you for your update Eileen, there are some lovely stories to be found amongst the community. The Parishioners from Bungendore hope to restore the iron and place on display – next move is working on a recipe for host-making. Sr Bernadette Mary Walsh RSJ suspected her Congregational Sisters would have been the host makers.