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  • Joseph Quigley 4 years

    Archbishop Coleridge is right.Cultural change (in the Catholic Church) is the hardest change of all. John XXIII when he threw open the windows of the Vatican & let the fresh air of the Holy Spirit blow where it would was hoping for a cultural change. And even though Vatican 2 produced 4 insightful 
    Constitutions, 3 Declarations & 9 Decrees the Bishops returned to their Dioceses and for the most part waited for instructions from Headquarters. The subversive culture of Clericalism reasserted itself. John XXIII’s vision of The People of God rejoicing at the Good News of Jesus Christ, God among us, was dulled by successive Popes who lacked Pastoral experience outside Europe. In 19th century the Church (Vat1) was slow to appreciate the effects of the Industrial Revolution on Pastoral issues. In 20th century (Vat2) the Bishops saw what was needed but what Rome produced was an amended Code of Canon Law & a Catechism of 2865 paragraphs. The Hungry Sheep still look up but are not fed despite Pope Francis’ best efforts to expose & convert the practitioners of self-centred Clericalism.

  • Lindsay Roe 4 years

    I will pray with you – and light a candle against the darkness.

  • Colleen 4 years

    Archbishop Mark, my prayers are with you in these troubled times.  
    Colleen, rsj. Canberra/Goulburn.

  • Bertin Miller OFM 4 years

    The solution may be found in the formation practices of the clergy which still emphasises the unique and exaulted roll of cleric in the Body of Christ.
    Bertin Miller OFM

  • Gavin O'Brien 4 years

    One lives in faith and hope that this gathering will address the causes of this scourge. I support the solution suggested by Bertin Miller. The Clerical class and the Church Hierarchy must accept that Jesus came into the world to serve and not be served. Sadly in my experience over more than 60 years is that the deference given to the Clergy by ordinary Catholics was a problem and to some degree remains so. We have to remove the Clergy from that pedestal.

    • Michael A. 4 years

      Yes you are right. The priest and bishop is after all Jesus personified and as such should be humble as Christ was not parading around as some special person with fancy clothes and impressive abode.