Not satisfied, huh?

“Be content with whatever you have.” Perhaps it is the most ignored lesson of the age.

It might not be difficult to trace some of the poorer deviations in our life to the occasions of most discontent. Not the best-paid job, not the perfect partner, not the glitziest house, even not the best restaurant meal. Recognise any of those? I do.

One of my mantras to my adult children is that probably they will never earn enough money to satisfy. The more we earn, the more money we spend; then comes the desire for an even bigger car, house, boat, holiday etc. And often more dissatisfaction.

Lurking in our discontent is fear of perceived failure or disaster. “God himself has said: ‘I will not fail you or desert you’.” So, how to sleep soundly?

One night recently, amid health issues, a family relationship meltdown, and an adult child trying to escape an overseas pandemic hotspot, I cracked. I prayed fervently: ‘Jesus, I want to trust you. Help me to trust.’ If we can trust God to not fail us, then peace and contentment inevitably will follow.

“With the Lord to help me, I fear nothing: what can man do to me?”

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