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  • Bev 4 years

    Congratulations on an excellent paper! It should be noted that in the ACT Schools the local Territory’s grant given to each child, primary or secondary, is less than the amount given in any other State or Territory. It has often been argued that all parents should be given a “Voucher” to spend at the school of their choice for their children.

  • Susan Swift 4 years

    This article highlights that the government could not  afford to educate  all children. Non government schools play a role in this process. What  isn’t considered is that invariably parents use Catholic education as a means of cheaper private education. Their facilities are then used to attract students to the detriment of government schools. The money allocated to Catholic schools can then be used on programs/ facilities with which government schools cannot  compete.  Let’s present a more balanced view on what Catholic schools do with their government  subsidies.