One Year of Audio Divina podcast


Ash Wednesday was special for one extra reason this year; it marked one full year of weekly production of the Audio Divina Podcast.

With 62 episodes in the bank, the team has been extremely impressed by the reach of the program, as it has been listened in over 48 countries and listeners from all around the globe have volunteered to do a reading.

Audio Divina follows the liturgical year and typically it is a weekly podcast that is inspired by Lectio Divina-styled prayer, featuring reflections provided by world-renowned scholar, Rev. Francis J. Moloney SDB AM. The Lenten period, and especially Holy Week complicates matters; not only are there more episodes, but the length of some of the readings dramatically increase!

Br. Jeff Miller SDB has his work cut out for him as the narrator and producer of the show. Each week, as a new recording comes from a volunteer, he seeks out the glitches in the recording – perhaps a car drives past the window, a chair squeaks or the reader coughs, and edits them out. Whilst he finds this procedure can be hard work, it’s not complicated or annoying – he likens it to playing a tough video game and what’s more, there is at least some small payoff.

“In the beginning, I used to check the podcast’s host site every day to see how many people were listening to it, and from where, and that would give me a great buzz.” he recalls. “I don’t do that anymore; I trust that if we keep making the podcast, it will reach the people it is meant for, and that is good enough for me.”

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Each episode features two guest readers, who have kindly volunteered their time to provide the voice of the Gospel. Minimal technical expertise or tools are required; the average smartphone is more than enough! Not only has this encouraged a Catholic-community feel about the production and publication of the podcast, it has also allowed it to be spread to peers and family members through social networks. Potential readers are heartily encouraged to apply through the Salesian Australia website.

“Being apart of this huge movement of creating accessibility of faith and the teachings of the Gospel has been an incredible journey – I am so blessed to be apart of this Salesian initiative.” said Ms.

Bridie Keily, a youth worker with the Frankston City Council.

Audio Divina was started with the intent aid its listeners in attaining what truly makes a sincere Christian; a thirst to walk the way Jesus walked and according to Ms. Keily it has been successful in facilitating this thirst within the context of the hustle and bustle of modern life.

“Pope Francis challenged us to give 2 minutes of our day to reading the gospel. Audio Divina allows me to reflect and listen to the gospel, with the help of Fr Frank, in profound and different ways. It’s so convenient to listen to on the train, in the car or on a walk – I recommend it to everyone who says they ‘don’t have time’ to be in the presence of God.”

Audio Divina continues to be available on iTunes, Spotify, Facebook and the Salesian website of the Australia-Pacific province. All volunteers are welcome to become readers on the podcast, please visit the website for further detail.

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