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  • Terence Roach 2 years

    Amen to that!


  • nessa 2 years

    Only today 8 July to respond to ACARA if you haven’t. Go to ACL website as they’ve done the ground work to put forward your expertise or insights in the next curricula. It’s a ‘Do It Now!’ job.

  • Brenden Walters 2 years

    Shoe them ‘My Fair Lady’ and they might learn to love the English language.

  • Fr Mick Mac Andrew 2 years

    Sorry if I offend Kevin but he never offered any examples of a student using ‘bad English’.
    Also, the English language is now an international language subject to globalisation, meaning no one can be accused of using ‘bad English’.
    The poor, struggling to make themselves understood in English should be congratulated for ‘aving a go.