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  • Fr Richard Thompson 3 years

    Well put Denis and with non emotive clarity. Thanks. 

  • Beth Gibson 3 years

    Perhaps we can also remember and honour the statement from ‘J’ which has demonstrated such dignity? The Church and the Catholic media could immediately show us the needs of survivors are truly respected by publishing the names of all Catholic priests and brothers who have been found guilty of abusing children, given there has been so much publicity given to Cardinal Pell’s acquittal by the High Court? We often only hear about these convicted abusers through the secular media or Broken Rites. We need to reassure all the hundreds of survivors and their families that their wellbeing is as important to the ‘official’ Australian Church as the result of Cardinal Pell’s court process. 

  • Elizabeth R. 3 years

    It has been obvious for some time that there is something rotten in the state of Victoria with seriously questionable police conduct and an unsafe legal system. It was wise of Cardinal Pell to leave Victoria at the first opportunity yesterday. Thank God for the High Court.

  • peter smyth 3 years

    A very important and revealing article, when one considers that it was written by the chief lawyer for the “Truth Justice and Healing Commission”, who would have been privy to all of the testimonies of the aggrieved victims.