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  • Roberta Augimeri 4 years

    I think God is asking us in Australia -to strengthen Eucharistic adoration, -to increase appreciation for and recourse to the sacrament of penance. -a TRUE Catholic presence in the aged care industry, so that the elderly can experience true love, and be given the time and active listening and accompaniment they need.
    – a renewal of appreciation for the sacrament of marriage.

  • Piero Mancini 4 years

    I think God is asking us in Australia to’ provvide an itinerari of faith were the people can be introduced and instructed how to become Christians. (Is not inaf to receive Holy communion and confermation has a formation to become Christians.) There is a lots of confusion between what the people believe and what is the teachings of the church. To many people believe that faith is only individualist relation with God. Not many people have the knowledge the the church is the body of Christ as the secon Vatican council explaining. The result of this is that some of the  Christians don’t think that with their sin can hurt the whole church. In my opinion many priest has not delivered to the church the renewal that the holly Spirit has given to the second Vatican council