Rescued from Righteousness

Paul of Tarsus was a scary dude. 

Much like a modern-day militant, religious extremist, he was so convinced of the rightness of his fanatical brand of religion that he had no problem with the imprisonment and death of anyone believed to be ‘contaminating’ it. 

It is a testament to the power of the Holy Spirit that Saul’s mystical encounter with the carpenter of Nazareth melted his heart and changed his attitude – for good.

The conversion of St Paul reminds us that God is not only concerned with ‘saving sinners.’ He also wants to rescue those trapped in the illusion of saving themselves through their own moral uprightness. But unfortunately, this illusion often manifests in a harsh and judgemental attitude.

St Paul, pray for us today that we might be utterly convinced of our need for God’s mercy, and in experiencing that mercy, we might become ever more gentle and humble of heart.

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