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  • Geoff Smith 3 years

    Richard, you are a wonderful person and a highlight of my day each Sunday when we meet at 10.00 am Mass. God Bless you my friend, see you Sunday.

  • Ray Raffaele 3 years

    That’s wonderful a true gentleman have known Richard since 2003 his stories are amazing 

  • Sue Orchison 3 years

    Happy birthday 🎉🎂
    Blessings and congratulations

  • Anne Mc Cauley 3 years

    Congratulations, Richard.  My eldest brother,Bret, celebrated his 100th. birthday on 3 Dec,2020. He was despatch rider in the Middle East in W.W.11. 
    Our families are truly blessed to have you both with us.
    God bless you.