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  • Sue Swift 3 years

    I hope that the selection of Michael Willett has been done using a transparent set of criteria & not a tap on the shoulder. Given the current turmoil in the Australian Catholic Church,, this was an ideal time for a female to win a high ranking position in the Church’s  administration. But alas, another lost opportunity for a person whose gender represents half of the Church’s community.

  • Jasmin 3 years

    I find the comment a bit confusing.

    I think the overall intention of the first comment to this article is to call for affirmative action, so that there would be more of a gender balance in the ranks of Catholic Church affiliated organisations. 

    But surely not to the point of indirectly disparaging the appointment of Michael Willett (see “I hope that the selection [was] not a tap on the shoulder”). There is no need to do so. 

    Congratulations to Michael Willett. May Our Lady guise you to do great works for Our Lord and His Church.