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  • Leon Trainor 3 years

    This is an excellent presentation and the last paragraphs particularly penetrating and relevant.

  • Robert Falzon 3 years

    Great piece of writing. Great faith. Thankyou.

  • Peter Hanlon 3 years

    Those of us that went to University would know of the Newman Society, which is essentially the Catholic Church at the University. I particularly think of Newman College at the University of Melbourne.

    People like the Saint who buck the trend and seek a deeper meaning, exemplified in his decision to cross to Catholicism from a safe position as an Anglican pastor, often come into flak at all levels from family, friends and wider community.

    It is good that his work is recognised, and that Prince Charles attended the sanctification ceremony in Rome.

    I was also interested in the reference to Manning Clark, who appears to have followed a similar but subdued path. Not Catholic, he allegedly spent many many hours praying to the Virgin Mary in St Christopher’s Cathedral for guidance. 

    However you look at it, a good result.