‘Seen’ and ‘Known’

Philip is a follower of Jesus. He loves Jesus and knows firsthand how life-giving it is to be in a relationship with Jesus.

Philip has a friend called Nathanael (Bartholomew). He’s a great guy, a good soul, conscientious, earnest. 

Philip knows Nathanael’s life will be blessed by a relationship with Jesus. But Nathanael has some prejudices, like the reputation of people who come from Nazareth. “Can anything good come from that place?”. 

When Nathanael finally encounters Jesus, he experiences himself as ‘seen’ and ‘known.’ He doesn’t ask Jesus ‘how did you know about me?” He asks, “how did you know me?

Nathanael also discovers that he has a far greater destiny in God than he ever imagined in his own conscientious efforts to lead a good life. Jesus tells him, “You will see greater things than that.” 

The reputation of the Church in our day can make us reticent to share our faith. But everyone we know has a glorious destiny in God and deeply longs to be known and loved by the one who called them into being. 

St Philip, pray for us that we might know how to lead the Nathanael’s in our life into a relationship with Jesus.

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