Sowing with Enthusiasm

Today’s Gospel reading shows us how we ought to go about spreading the good news. This good news is what today’s first reading calls the ‘promises of God.’ The new life we have in Christ gives us  ‘great rewards’ worth enduring any suffering for.

Jesus tells the parable of the sower who sows vigorously and then waits for the crop to come to harvest. Then, when it is harvest time, he doesn’t delay but enthusiastically reaps what has grown.

As Jesus says, ‘When the crop is ready, he loses no time.’

This is the kind of enthusiasm Jesus desires us to bring when sharing the Gospel.

Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus can give us the prompts to bring people to a new life in him, in ways that, just as in the parable, we may not see or correctly understand at the time.

But that shouldn’t hold us back from telling others about the joy we have in Christ. It should empower us to speak of our faith like the sowers sows his seed, casting it out into the public and trusting that by God’s providence, it finds fertile soil. 

So be bold in spreading your faith with those around you! Listen for the Holy Spirit’s prompts for what to say. Greet all interest in Christ with joy and enthusiasm. And pray for all those you know who don’t know Jesus that they might come to know his love.

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