St Clare’s stop and reflect at Ash Wednesday Liturgy

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St Clare’s College Ash Wednesday Liturgy is a time for the College community to stop and reflect, to be still, to take stock, to re-evaluate our lives and the people we are becoming. Ash Wednesday is a time to leave baggage behind and brave the unknown.

During the Ash Wednesday Liturgy, St Clare’s students and staff brought forward seven stones, each representing areas in their lives that need to change so that they can reflect on how they can make a difference especially to the people around them.

The stones represented hatred to love, despair to hope, fear to courage, greed to generosity, arrogance to openness, accusation to forgiveness and indifference to compassion.

St Clare’s Youth Ministers marked the St Clare’s community foreheads with ashes affirming that in the life-cycle, we are continually dying in the old ways and rising to newness.

All students and staff were given a star which had one of the following words written on it: love, hope, courage, generosity, openness, forgiveness and compassion, this word is a reflection to focus on during the Lenten season.

Source: St Clare’s College

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