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  • Mrs J. Brosch 4 years

    This is an horrific bill a crime against humanity. The premier and health minister are being conned by experts.

  • Heather Robinson 4 years

    There seem to be many people in government who sincerely believe that they will improve lives for many people in their state. They show serious lack of information if they make abortion more available. An overwhelming number of aborted women exist for the rest of their lives in secret guilt and misery, in often mental illness, some in schizophrenia or proneness to suicide. Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Health Minister Brad Hazzard and others promoting the forthcoming abortion bill need to do a great deal of reading/study of the long term results of abortion in many European countries, e.g. Netherlands, Belgium, and spend more time thinking, studying and listening to the public before debating such a bill as discussed.

  • A Harry 4 years


    Dear Ms Berejiklian,

    As a former resident of and elector in New South Wales, I write to express my dismay over the proposed Bill, which among other things, threatens the lives of babies directly prior to their due date of birth. 

    As a mother of an ex- premature baby, I am sickened to hear that the archaic practice of abortion is still seen as a ‘cure’ for medical and social ills. Sure, abortionists have the right to make money, like anyone else does, but I believe strongly that the right of babies to see the light of day is far greater than the rights of greedy abortionists. 

    My daughter was born at 25 weeks gestation, weighing about the same as a can of coke, at about the same size. She is now a beautiful little twelve-year- old firebrand, causing both joy and havoc wherever she goes. Thank God she made it into this world- despite the advice of short- sighted medical ‘experts’ at the time. 

    Please, Ms Berejiklian be patient, be wise, and be true to your noble Armenian Christian roots. 5th commandment- thou shalt not kill.