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Pilgrims enriched by World Youth Day

Catholic Voice- 30 January 2019 2

The festivities that culminated in World Youth Day in Panama have now ended and the pilgrims from our Archdiocese are headed home after a full ... Read More

Catching the wave to wrap up the year

- 26 December 2018 0

Over the past few weeks some of the Canberra Goulburn Youth Ministers have been running ‘Catch the Wave’ retreat days in the Canberra Goulburn Archdiocese. Read More

The BIG THINGS of the Canberra-Goulburn Archdiocese

- 13 December 2018 1

Last year, JOHN McLAURIN wrote about the Big Things of the Archdiocese. As we head into the holidays, here's the story on the website for ... Read More

Fraternity and support celebrated at retired priests’ lunch

Chris Gordon- 7 November 2018 5

Eleven of the Archdiocese’s retired priests attended a special lunch at the Archbishop’s House on Friday, November 2. Read More

Fr Adrian and Fr Namora welcomed to the priesthood

Chris Gordon- 19 September 2018 0

Their lives have been linked for some time now and so it was only fitting that Deacon Namora Anderson and Deacon Adrian Chan should both ... Read More

Teachers and leaders gather for Symposium

- 28 August 2018 0

One hundred and forty teachers and church leaders from across Australia gathered in Canberra on Friday to discuss new initiatives around teacher and Church leaders formation. Read More

Young sport stars honoured across Archdiocese

Chris Gordon- 27 August 2018 0

Twenty nine young athletes from across the Canberra -Goulburn Archdiocese have been named in a Sporting Honour Roll for significant achievements in Terms 1 and ... Read More