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Amid political uncertainty, Haitian bishops announce year of prayer 

- 16 July 2019 0

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI: The Catholic bishops of Haiti have announced a year of prayer and adoration for the country in the presence of tension. Read More

Prostitution is an ‘inherently violent’ practice, say critics of decriminalisation

Catholic Voice- 3 June 2019 1

NEW YORK, NEW YORK: Decriminalisation as a legal tactic for handling previously (or currently) illicit activities is a growing trend. Read More

Where do Ash Wednesday ashes come from? 

- 4 March 2019 0

WASHINGTON, DC: On Ash Wednesday, millions of Catholics throughout the world will have ashes applied to their foreheads in the sign of the cross. Read More

NY abortion law ends protection for pregnant women, Catholic Democrat says 

- 1 February 2019 0

NEW YORK CITY, USA: A prominent Catholic theologian and Democrat has said that new pro-abortion legislation in New York diminishes legal protections for pregnant women ... Read More

Number of Americans who say they are witches on the rise

- 13 December 2018 0

WASHINGTON, DC: While some religions struggle to grow, Wicca isn't one of them. The number of Americans who claim to be witches has increased dramatically. Read More

Scottish mall refuses nativity scene in Christmas display 

Catholic Voice- 10 December 2018 0

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND: Catholics and Protestants in Scotland are united in their disappointment at a shopping center that blocked a nativity scene. Read More