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Our Lady of the Princes Highway Church, Kiah

- 14 January 2020 1

As 2019 closed in an inferno with holidaymakers huddled on beaches and dozens of homes destroyed, sadly the beautiful small church, Our Lady of the ... Read More

Preserving Australia’s heritage Catholic churches

Catholic Voice- 16 January 2019 3

Preserving Australia’s beautiful heritage Catholic churches for future generations will be a major focus of a National Church Architecture Symposium in Melbourne next month. Read More

Cherry tree’s blossoms herald hope for survivors

Chris Gordon- 24 October 2018 1

There’s a cherry tree in Page that has just begun blossoming, but it’s no ordinary tree. Read More

What can priests practically do to combat the porn epidemic?

Catholic Voice- 19 July 2018 0

Online pornography is one of the fastest growing addictions on par with cocaine and gambling. Once confined to the pages of a smuggled Playboy magazine, ... Read More