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California confession bill threatens religious liberty, critics say 

Catholic Voice- 17 May 2019 0

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA: The appropriations committee of California’s state senate will hold a on a bill that would require priests to violate the seal of confession. Read More

Dominican priest: California confession bill threatens all religions

Catholic Voice- 3 May 2019 1

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA: If California moves forward with its proposed law trying to force priests to violate the seal of Confession, all religions will suffer. Read More

FAQ: ACT Legislation and the Seal of Confession

Catholic Voice- 11 April 2019 0

The Catholic Voice asks Fr Tony Percy VG “Is the Catholic Church above the law?” Read More

Dismay over seal of Confession stalemate

Catholic Voice- 19 July 2018 0

THE CATHOLIC Church in Canberra has called for greater consultation after seemingly reaching a stalemate with the ACT government over the seal of Confession. Read More