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Deacon Alex Osborne reflects on Vocation

Catholic Voice- 9 August 2019 4

When we discuss vocation, we're really asking the question “Why did God make me, and what does he want me to do with my life?” Read More

Two paths converge for Lieutenant Colonel

Chris Gordon- 6 August 2019 3

Career soldier, Lieutenant Colonel Gavin Keating, has chosen to take steps towards becoming a Deacon and a Chaplain in the Army. Read More

Bishops pay tribute to deacon’s service and faith

Catholic Voice- 20 March 2019 0

The Catholic bishops of Australia have paid tribute to the deep spirituality and decades of service of Deacon Boniface Perdjert following his death on Monday. Read More

When losing everything isn’t losing everything

Chris Gordon- 24 January 2019 9

For Deacon Paul Rummery of Tuross Heads, his life changed for ever on the evening of Friday December 21 as he and his wife Jo ... Read More

Archbishop’s Homily: Diaconate Ordination of Alex Osborne

- 26 November 2018 0

We welcome Alexander Osborne on his Ordination to the Diaconate.  We particularly welcome his family gathered here tonight.  Read More

Fond welcome for Deacon Alex Osborne

Catholic Voice- 26 November 2018 0

On Friday, November 23, Alex Osborne became the Archdiocese's latest Deacon when he was ordained at St Christopher's Cathedral. Read More

Alex reaches out to those who feel isolated in their faith

Chris Gordon- 9 October 2018 1

Some people receive their calling in a supportive and nurturing environment of faith.  Alex Osborne’s experience was quite different. Read More