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The unborn child is a person with the right to an identity, say bishops of Panama 

- 19 September 2019 0

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA: Panamanian bishops expressed their support last week for a bill that allows parents to register their children who were miscarried. Read More

World Youth Day just the start of a journey: Archbishop Prowse

Chris Gordon- 8 February 2019 0

AUDIO: Archbishop Christopher Prowse has recently returned from the Panama World Youth Day along with the other pilgrims from this Archdiocese and described it as ... Read More

Pilgrims enriched by World Youth Day

Catholic Voice- 30 January 2019 2

The festivities that culminated in World Youth Day in Panama have now ended and the pilgrims from our Archdiocese are headed home after a full ... Read More

WYD Blog: January 28 – The Final Mass

Catholic Voice- 28 January 2019 0

We survived our night on the ground with up to 750,000 other pilgrims. As the sun rises in Panama, we prepare for the final mass ... Read More

Aussie pilgrims told to focus on Jesus, imitate the Apostles

Catholic Voice- 28 January 2019 0

The Australian contingent of World Youth Day Panama pilgrims has been urged to follow the example of the Apostles, to not leave the Church because ... Read More

WYD Blog: January 27 – The Vigil

Catholic Voice- 27 January 2019 0

After 9 hours we have finally made it to the seated area of the stage for the evening vigil. It has been a long pilgrimage ... Read More

WYD Blog: January 26 – Reflecting on WYD so far

Catholic Voice- 27 January 2019 0

Today we had a slower day, opting to have catechesis and mass as a group in the hotel. Read More