Throughout the New Testament, witnesses testify that Jesus is the human incarnation of God. 

This testimony occurs before Jesus is born, in his infancy with the magi, in his youth (Simeon in today’s Gospel reading), in the early stages of his ministry – with God the father’s voice from Heaven, in his relationship with the disciples, by the centurion at the foot of the cross, in the early stages after his death in the New “Testament” (testament is, of course, another word meaning testimony), and for thousands of years after his death, by martyrs, confessors, and everyday Christians. 

One might even say that testimony is proof that Jesus is God. 

Hence, our personal testimonies of Jesus are powerful, life-giving stories that connect us to a long history of believers, and we must always share them with believers and non-believers alike, even if we sometimes feel uncomfortable doing so. 

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