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  • Solomon Gomez 2 years


  • Paul Burt 2 years

    Great idea – I wonder if it might be possible to construct such devices even more efficiently and cheaply from new synthetic materials  and ship them in a disassembled form to remote locals where they could be reassembled

  • Gavin O'Brien 2 years

    A truly innovative solution to obtain potable water supplies . While it may work in certain climates such as that in elevated Ethiopia, I wonder how adaptable it is to other climatic zones such as the hot tropics where absolute humidity is far lower and air temperatures far higher, or in very cold dry climates where the water vapor content of the air is very low. Could be very useful in remote areas of inland Southern Australia.

  • Daniel O'CONNELL 2 years

    Google tells me that rural Ethiopians use 15 litres of water per day, so this structure supplies the needs of 5 persons. Incidently in Australia it would supply the daily water needs of 0.25 persons.