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  • Susan Swift 4 years

    What you have said in your address, Father is repetitious. As a leader of the Church, you need to evaluate what the people want in Australia and how to assess that need and more importantly how to deliver it. It is easy to attract  people lto the church but the challenge is how to keep them and make the Catholic faith relevant in their daily lives  Change is needed as well as renewed confidence in what has become an archaic system. Be bold, consult and formulate new ways to fascilitate our faith journey. Shrug off superiority and arrogance and lead the way humbly to Our Lord. In short ask the people what they want and help them in their quest to achieve it.

  • Gary Potts 4 years

    Fr Tony, I need to disagree with the quote “how Australia has achieved ‘unprecedented levels of personal liberty and social equality’ – and without bloodshed”.

  • Gary Potts 4 years

    The Indigenous people were assualted, murdered, poisoned, and removed from country, so that the British government and white ‘settlers’ could steal their land.

  • Elston 4 years

    Any chance of a podcast of Fr Percy’s speech? It would be much appreciated by those of us who listen to podcasts while knitting or other activities. Thank you.

  • Frank Long 4 years

    Congratulations, Father. That is an excellent encouragement to all of us.

  • Fr Richard Thompson 4 years

    Congrats Fr Tony. Well done.

  • Dennis Sleigh 4 years

    Tony, I have read and just now re-read your Bishop Manning Lecture. Words like Well done or Congratulations seem totally inadequate. Thank you for the effort that went into preparing this eloquent report on the church – past, present and future – and thank you for sharing so much of your own spirituality in delivering it. I hope that serious steps are under way to ensure that this presentation gets a wider audience – it deserves to, and in these troubled times, it needs to.

  • Maxwell Spencer 4 years

    Thanks so much Father Tony for your very enlightening and thought provoking address. We look forward to meeting with you soon for a meal. We thank God for you. God Bless. Max and Cathie

  • Carmel Stuart 4 years

    Once again Fr. Tony,  you have given a wonderful summary of the problems of the present state of the church.

  • Unidentified 4 years

    If only the church believed your thoughts. They have become so engrossed with the sexual allegations they have forgotten other faithful.  I regarded myself so lucky to have been one of those from the good soil – unfortunately due to an incident where a church institution chose to after 50years of very close association chose to make inaccurate allegations and brushed aside my words which had very relevant support from genuine Catholics.i now have discontinued  my church affiliation so all these years it must hwv4 been rocky ground.  Such a deep hole in my life now  i hope those you made the decisions enjoy their time with.    God which hey her denied me.  I am not leaving my name  i come from a country town – have already suffered because of he above snd don’t choose to again be targeted