The Hope of the New School Year

St Michael’s Primary School principal, Judy Egan with students

The start of the school year is part of the rhythm that begins every year in Australia. Thoughts turn to teachers, school leaders, students and parents…preparation, anticipation, expectation and nervousness.

The wonder of a new school year is in its opportunity, new beginnings and hope, this year even more significant after two years of disruption and the lingering cloud of COVID-19.

As the school year begins, Judy Egan, principal of St Michael’s Primary School Kaleen, points to the school crest as the source of direction for this community.

The cross inspires this “faith-filled community to live in harmony,” she explains, and the rainbow symbolises hope and forgiveness, “no matter what hardships…the sun will always come out”.

Judy’s hope for the school community is that they grow through the challenges of COVID and that their values of compassion, forgiveness and kindness are strengthened.

Eamonn Moore, principal of McAuley Catholic Central School Tumut, hopes students return and the community can “enjoy that vibe of excitement and positivity that comes with every new year at school”.

Remaining positive and not overcomplicating new processes and compliance requirements will be important.

Eamonn is focussing on the positives and sees an opportunity to learn from the challenges of COVID and “look at new and more efficient ways of delivering an education that is relevant and interesting, challenging and rewarding”.

Preparations for McCauley teachers and staff included space to be ready with a ‘plan B’ and at St Michael’s to ground the year in faith, learning and collaboration.

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‘IF’ is Eamonn’s word of hope; acknowledging the unknown, but the “hint and a promise that good things might happen!” he says. Judy’s word is ‘TRUST’. She says, “with faith, hope and trust, and hearts open to the power of the Holy Spirit we will chart a steady course”.


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