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  • Philip Pocock 4 years

    Each of us in union with Church can be the instrument of the Holy Spirit and this what the plenary council is meant to be – not just babelling of ego centric fantasies.

    My views expressed many years ago may be of help and can be found by googling ‘pocock religion and truth’.

    Best of luck snd God bless

  • Therese Ventura 4 years

    Come Divine Will bless Australia xox Thanks Jesus

  • Peter Donnan 4 years

    Archbishop Christopher writes cogently: “The fundamental task here is, as Pope Francis phrases it, is “to do what is most pleasing to the Lord” (Christus Vivit 294)” and Pope Francis has indeed indicated some reform initiatives for the Church and one of these, according to a recent edition of ‘The Tablet’  is “de-emphasising the importance of doctrine”.

    Opposed to this focus, the same writer continues, conservative critics of the Pope from inside the Church, especially in the US  “take refuge in ethics in order to avoid the far more demanding business of encountering Christ. Hence, I suggest, their furious criticism of Francis for de-emphasising the importance of doctrine. Their devotion to individualism, unrestricted capitalism, and diminishment of government services, especially to the poor and marginalized, runs counter to the central tenets of Catholic social teaching.”

    So there are broad lines of conflict around different values in the broader church: those who prioritise doctrine and dogma, immutable canon law, the hierarchical, institutional church, contrasted with those who seek reform of Church governance, more transparency and accountability, a more pronounced role for women and other reform agendas.

    The idea of listening and discerning together is particularly worthwhile but it implies some preparedness to ameliorate one’s position. Even at the First Council of Jerusalem, Peter and Paul had different views and to some extent conflict is inevitable but the facts are, at the Plenary Council, recommendations and resolutions will be principally determined by those who possess voting rights and this rests principally with the deliberative vote of the bishops.  So while we should all cultivate a spirit of discernment it will be the bishops who will be fundamentally discerning ‘the deliberations of the diverse faithful regardless of their place in the hierarchy’ Frank Brennan suggests. There will also be some bishops who will dismiss certain views because they are fashionable, or misguided or not what they believe God wants of the Church here and now. Archbishop Fisher, for instance, has concerns: “What [Synodal Fathers are] wary of, I think, is the way synods might be manipulated today, swept up by the fashions of the age.” 

    A successful Plenary Council will promote a great sense of unity about the way forward for the Church in Australia.

    • Di Franks 4 years

      Well said Peter Donnan!The son of man had no place to lay his head,yet the church holds so much wealth. If they really want to make a difference in this world there are plenty of wars to fight where they can be at the front line and stand side by side with the unheard, the dispossessed, the powerless and the poor. In Australia we should be fighting the climate wars on the basis of creation spirituality, fighting with our indigenous brothers and sisters to gain a voice in the constitution, spending money on our aged facilities to make them the highest models of care and good practice, standing beside the women of the “Me TOO” movement and domestic violence victims by encouraging and teaching true masculinity which protects, honours and treasures women as people not sex objects. (After all in the creation story…where was Adam when the snake called by?) To gain some of the respect and dignity lost through the child abuse scandal will take some true courage and authentic imitation of the persona of Jesus in all aspects of the church. Forget the jewels and frocks bishops! Get out amongst your people as Romero did. You might find that your people would welcome your presence on the front line.