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  • Jeff D. 3 years

    It’s so sad to see a priest disparaging a president who bravely holds a Bible in front of a church attacked by arsonists and who visits the Saint John Paul II Centre. So sad to see such failure to understand the symbolism – a president saying America will not be cowed, burning of churches will not go unchallenged, the Gospel will not be run out of town.

    • Susanna 3 years

      I agree, very disappointing comments from Fr Brennan about the US President who is consistently and actively pro-life and who supports Christians and religious freedom

  • Luis 3 years

    Christ’s response to the woman taken in adultery is challenging, isn’t it? Or maybe not.

  • Michael Flynn 3 years

    Thank you Father Frank for your timely words that give hope to all of us here and the in US. 
    Our failure to act on recommendations on black deaths should now add to the movement for Voice Truth and Treaty that the Uluru Statement from the Heart seeks. As a white old man retired in Canberra and born in Alice Springs I hope for more power for First Nations women and men to treasure the rule of law in both black and white culture.

  • Meredith Coe 3 years

    I found this article totally confusing. This chaos, labelled ‘racial justice’, is a product of the world which has nothing to do with Jesus and His Blessed Kingdom in which peace and justice reign. What is wrong with a president standing in front of a church that was vandalised and holding up the Bible? Am I missing something here? I thought it was very brave and the right thing to do and shame on all of those clergy who condemned it in America as some kind of political statement. He was trying to tell America that it was time to start using Bible principles to solve problems instead of smashing up the city and throwing bottles at police who were just doing their job. The justice system, which the Bible says is governed by God, will do it’s job. Trust that these murderers will be brought to justice. I do not believe that Christians should have anything to do with rioters and weird movements that create disorder in society. Our God is not a god of disorder, so the Bible says. Instead, I think we should encourage the wholesomeness of the Bible like Trump did, as it is the very words of God. This movement is probably a trap I think.

  • Dorothy Pierce 3 years

    I hold fast to Hope –  the anchor of the soul dear Father Brennan. Thank you for praying for my late brother John who was a brilliant lawyer- like yourself.
    We are so blessed in the Parishes that I attend in Adelaide to have a lovely learned priest from Kenya who speaks fluent Italian  and is so loved and appreciated. He introduced me to another priest from his country visiting – and I was so happy that I kissed his hand . We have African people in our Parish who lead the Divine Mercy prayer group and one lady also works in the office. Many lovely Africans in their colourful national dress love to come to prayer groups that I attend.
    One beautiful aboriginal elder RIP was Mrs Marjorie Liddy of the Tiwi Islands who attended Mass nearby in Adelaide at St Francis – always barefoot.She bore eleven children – was very prolife and was part of the stage play Call of Guadalupe.  I have a treasured photo of our son with her on a fishing trip with their catch of barramundi. Marjorie visited the Pope always barefoot— she had the famous vision of the dot painting in the sky of the Holy  Spirit spreading His wings across the sky- a famous vision that was used in World Youth Day 2008. What a Saint she is.Australia is the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.  I follow the teachings of Fatima and work and pray for Australia and the situation in the USA  even in a small way. 
    So much is obtained by prayer and following right action. As St Paul in his letter to the Ephesians wrote- – “we fight not against flesh and blood etc- — in Chapter 6 . Consecration  to  Mother Mary is very effective as I believe in the efficacy of the Rosary prayer as it has worked in the past against seemingly insurmountable odds – and believe that as She promised- “in the end my Immaculate Heart will Triumph.” May God’s Kingdom come and His Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven..
    I am your fellow servant in Christ – Dorothy Pierce

  • Mrs Dorothy Pierce 3 years

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