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  • Jenni Shum 5 years

    Thank you for writing this so quickly today! I have read your article closely and understand contents. I pray for the complainant that he heals. And I pray particularly for Pell. He will need strength from here, whichever way the appeal goes.

  • Jeff D. 5 years

    Thank you very much for clearly setting out some details of the court proceedings – surprising and disturbing details to me in light of the guilty verdict. Presumably the requirement of “beyond reasonable doubt” still applies. Clearly an appeals process is an important and necessary part of the legal process and one prays that divine justice might prevail in the final outcome, whatever that might be.

  • Andrea 5 years

    I don’t think defending Pell when he has been found guilty is appropriate for another man of the cloth. He has been judged by a jury to be guilty. Unless this is overturned by the Court of Appeal than I think it is unwise to make these opinions. Justice has been served. 

  • Ron 5 years

    Where do I find Fr.Frank Brennans assessment of the Cardinal Pell case ??that was advertised in Voice top of page 5?