Youth, truth and life on their side

Rebecca Gosper (second from left) at the Rally for Life September 2019

Last Saturday marked the one-year anniversary of a bill passed in NSW effectively enabling abortion on-demand, but many have not given up hope for change.

Rallies against the bill had drawn thousands of people to make a stand for the unborn and for expectant mothers.

Rebecca Gosper, as director of pro-life youth movement LifeChoice, has initiated pro-life platforms at major universities around Australia.

She has helped train youth in effective communication about crisis pregnancies and life issues in the public square.

“Young Australians have a key role to play in building the pro-life future,” Rebecca said.

“By volunteering for pregnancy support centres and organisations focussed on helping young women in crisis pregnancies, they have left a lasting mark on women in need.”

A 10,000 strong crowd attend the Rally for Life in Sydney’s CBD

In the past year, LifeChoice students have advocated for increased support for pregnant and parenting students on university campuses. They have successfully lobbied two universities to renovate their parenting rooms, and have collected more than 5500 nappies for new mums.

Running a nationwide pro-life platform does not come without difficulties. In a recent interview, Rebecca said she and LifeChoice members often faced a backlash at demonstrations and events.

“We have the truth and life on our side,” she said. “Personal attacks may hurt, but they are nothing compared to the hurt experienced by the unborn lives lost each year.”

Rebecca and her organisation aim to change hearts and minds by supporting pregnant and parenting students so that they do not have to choose between baby and education.

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Rebecca was recently featured on The Way Forward, a Canberra-driven organisation of pro-life professionals who aim to create an authentic culture of life. Access to the live-stream broadcast is available for a limited time. Visit

To learn more about Rebecca Gosper and LifeChoice, visit


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